Sunday, February 15, 2009

Updates on my SAD...

Ok, so, SAD is officially over; thank god!!!
My SAD was ok, and the only reason why it was bearable was cuz my mom made me some chocolate covered strawberries <3
That's probably the greatest Valentine gift a girl can get.
And some people feel that roses are the best gift, but for me, I'd be kind of disappointed if I got roses. Unless those roses were Midnight Blue [my favorite color], I would feel that it was be nice to receive, but I wouldn't be all "oh, I love you!!!"
Get me?
I mean, yeah, I'd love to receive flowers, I mean, what girl in her right mind wouldn't? But, just not roses. If I would receive my favorite flower as a boquet, then I'd be all, "Oh, I love you!"
Now get me?
Ehhh, either way, SAD was kind of lame, and kind of depressing, as it was supposed to be, but I was with family, so, it made it bearable. =]
I told all that I loved I loved them, and I said Happy Valentine's Day to all my friends.... well, sort of. I couldn't contact a lot of friends, but I know they know I sent my love. <3
But, that was pretty much SAD in a nutshell.

Monday, February 9, 2009

Tom and Jerry

is on my t.v. at the moment. It's the one where Tom is at a piano recital and Jerry happens to be living in the piano. It is nice to watch, though, because the music is pleseant and even I have to admit it's funny. I just love the fact that you can never end up sympathizing with Tom; you always tend to love Jerry, when he obiously started it.
I bought this movie [the Tom and Jerry- Greatest Episodes] for my little sister on her 8th birthday this January. She hasn't really seen the absolute brilliance of Tom and Jerry, because it is an old show and all; it hardly comes on regular television anymore. So, i bought this for her because, even though they don't talk, you could be watching at least an hour of it without getting bored. So does this mean I'm unnoticeably hypnotizing her so I can get an hour of silence in my room. Yes, i believe it does.
The great part is, it's working like a charm, and she has fallin in love with the cute and quick-witted Jerry and has laughed her little heart out on Tom getting beat up with an inconceivably large wooden hammer, which was the plan all along =]
I'm glad she likes her birthday present.

umm, yeah

Ok, well, its almost 12:30 in the middle of the night, and I'm thinkin, my goodness, life, is lame. Crushes are lame, high school is lame, and not having anyone like you is lame. I don't understand it. Today, I did absolutely NOTHING; all I did was think of my crush, and how I couldn't wait to talk to him, and when i finally did, he seemed somewhat annoyed of me, and it seriously pissed me off! I was all, "What the heck did I do?" Of course I didn't say that out loud, but I certainly thought it. I didn't understand, and I'm all mad because he was annoyed to talk to me...well, at least it seemed that way. I mean come on, it's midnight and even I'm kinda cranky =] Ok, that's the "Think reasonably and empathetically" side of it. BUT I DON'T WANT TO THINK RESONABLY! I want to be angry at him! See what I mean? Life is lame! I'm having a complete arguement with myself for crying out loud! It's pathetic. ANNNNND he don't even like me like that. It's ridiculous! I have a crush on a boy who don't even feel the same way! And I know he doesn't. Yup. It's the whole "Oh, she's just a friend. She's really cool and I like her alot, but she's just a friend" bit. ANNND ITS SOOOO LAME! Yet, I'm not here to complain. I'm practically venting. And I'm tired of it. So, my day, was lame, and yes, he is a big part of it, too, but life could be worse. So, even though yes, it was less than content, I'm glad I had today. Today, I ate a banana split, and it was amazing. =] I also brought out my piano and played that, and that was joyful. Plus, I have purple tulips on my kitchen table. Today, was great, and I think it's raining right now, but emotionally wise, it was lame. =]